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Let Us Be Your Trusted Advisor for Your Business, Labor and Human Resource Concerns


telephoneWho: You and PSB Consultants

What:  PSB Consulting provides a monthly phone program called PSB Answers.  This Program was designed to be cost effective and add value for your organization through providing well analyzed and custom “second opinions” on your business, labor and human resource concerns.

Where: Anytime, Anywhere.  We are here for you.

When: 24/7

Why?  We are able to provide you with independent and objective advice.  Many times businesses may turn to their insurance companies for such "hotline" answers, but also many times, these insurance companies work in their best interests to minimize exposure and payout costs under the policy.  PSB Answers truly gives you objective guidance and options free from any such outside agenda or influence.

General Provisions

  • You will receive unlimited phone advice for a flat fee of $50.00 per month, provided only that the advice does not require review of documents or additional research;
  • Before PSB Consulting would charge beyond the flat fee of $50.00, we will alert you in advance, discuss the cost and seek your permission;
  • If a particular concern raises a conflict of interest, PSB Consulting will alert you and advise that we cannot give an answer due to that factor;
  • If the particular concern requires an answer beyond our area of expertise and competence, PSB Consulting shall alert you and advise that we cannot give an answer due to that factor;
  • No hidden costs and you can cancel at any time!


For more information or to sign up contact today!